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Smoking and Drinking

Today my blog is in two parts. Just two small ideas I would like to float.


I was watching Newsnight this evening and there were the usual suspects complaining about the smoking ban. Recently, knowing how much I appreciate the smoking ban, friends have asked me why I approve as I am a very committed Libertarian.

I guess it all boils down to the fact that I am an asthmatic – and until the smoking ban I was unable to go into pubs and many restaurants – as secondary smoke brings on my asthma and the idea that it has been inside someone’s body tends to make me retch.

Now, for the first time in years, I can eat in any restaurant and go to pubs with friends. I can socialise once more. You cannot imagine how much this makes me feel free not having to inhale filthy smoke that has been in someone’s filthy lungs. And yes, their lungs are filthy. If you don’t believe me, ask your doctor for a picture of a smokers lung..


We are learning, day by day, how twenty-four hour drinking is not solving our drinking problem in this country, even though, in Europe, they have twenty-four hour drinking and not a patch of the drink problem that we seem to have.

I have a theory that could halt the problem, but no government will dare to carry out my idea to its conclusion.

We need to pull down all the pubs and just allow cafés to sell alcohol. We need to adopt the European small 250 ml bottles and serve all beers, draft or bottled, in these measures. In addition, we need to only use standard 125 ml glasses for wine.

France hasn’t got pubs, except at their ports where the Brits invade. In all other areas of France, they just sell alcohol, in small glasses in their restaurants and cafés. When you are sitting down in a civilised café, it is not the same atmosphere that you see with drinkers standing around a bar egging each other on to “drink up” and get another round in.




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