Sick in the stomach

Nineteen year old Jamie Cooper has been awarded £57,000 compensation compared with £485,000 paid to an RAF typist for repetitive strain injury.

His injuries? (From the Telegraph) “Jamie Cooper of “2 Rifles” was testing radio equipment outside Basra’s Shat al Arab Hotel in 2006 when two mortar bombs exploded.. The first blasted his hands and right arm and the second ripped opened his buttocks, severing the nerves to his leg as shrapnel went through his pelvis and into his stomach.”

Jamie, who cannot walk without the aid of a stout stick has also been told he is not disabled enough to qualify for Council Tax disability reduction.

£57k? Assuming he will need £7000 in the short term for immediate expenses, £50,000 invested at 5% will give him £48 a week. This will be lumped towards tax with any other income he may receive if he is lucky enough to find an employer decent enough to give him a job. Otherwise, if he wants to qualify for a pension, he will have to pay his insurance contributions for the next two thousand, one hundred and thirty-two weeks.

The typist will get £466 a week before tax on her investment.

The [add your expletive here] bastards!


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