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Where the hell is Matt?

Millions of people, around the world, have tuned into YouTube to watch this crazy young man do a silly little dance in countries, all over the world. It is a sensation. Matt then acquired a sponsor and flew even further around the world, doing his silly dance in the most exotic of places. I really enjoyed watching five minutes of sheer fun in: Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

After you watch it, you can see an interview with Matt, but do watch the film first. The interview is a little longer (nine minutes) but shows some interesting insights into this young man. I loved his opening statement There is no lock on the cage, you can open the door and go outside. And in another section he says “Others tend to limit our options, we also do this to ourselves”. And I liked the bit, when asked how much it cost the sponsor to make this video, said: “Cost? Let’s not talk about costs, it doesn’t seem right to talk about money” all contained in Where The Hell is Matt — Interview with Matt Harding. I may not have the quotes word-perfect, but I do have the meaning clear.

Four Minutes and Twenty-Nine Seconds of World-Embracing Capitalism. This is an article which talks about Matt Harding’s phenomenal success travelling around the world, and should be read after following other links above.

Further Links include


Matt’s own website

An eighty minute lecture, over three videos


PS, Sympathies welcome, my 69th this Saturday and I have made myself a self-imposed limit of one unit a day up to three days a week. And I won’t be breaking it!


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