The Land Registry

Sub-titled: Rules and Regulations

I heard of a recent case of bureaucracy recently and found it rather amusing. I went to see this person and have changed his house number to avoid embarrassment. In fact, there is no number twenty-four in this small street.

He lives in Western Court. This is not a block of flats, therefore he does not live in a flat. Western Court is the name of the actual street and is in the London A2Z as a proper street in its own right.

He decided to change the name of his property to include his daughter as he was getting on a bit. To save a solicitor’s fee, he thought he would do it himself.

He put his correct address down on the form as “24 Western Court, London N3 1NN”. The document when it came back had “Flat 24, Western Court, Huntley Drive, London N3 1NN”. He wrote back and said he didn’t live in a flat, that Western Court was a street in its own right, and that Huntley didn’t have an “e” in it and was the next street North of Western Court.

The reply he received stated that, although they could spell Huntly correctly, they couldn’t make the other alterations as the address is taken from and coordinated with the Royal Mail’s description of the area.

On further research, it seems that the Royal Mail rely on local councils for the description. Barnet Council got the information wrong, passed the wrong information on to the Royal Mail, who entered this into their CDROM database they sell on. The Land Registry are powerless to alter any errors the Royal Mail make so have an incorrect address, presumably on every document relating to all the other residents in Western Court.

As a political animal, this did not depress me, as I find such goings on extremely humorous. Fortunately the resident concerned took an identical view of the matter.

Eagle eyed readers of this will wonder how the Land Registry could change the spelling, and that this was allowed, but couldn’t either drop the”Flat” from the address or, if they had to include the next street north’s address, couldn’t add the word “off” next to it?

Hey Ho and it’s off to the fair!


PS, had a lie in this morning – after all it’s my birthday 🙂

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