Zoho for the Soho business Sector

I have just come across a company who have actually gone one better than Google in the area of “Cloud Computing”. In fact they are so good I have a feeling Google may try to buy their company. Their name is Zoro.

The following applications have been set up for small businesses, especially those on the move a lot, to run their businesses from their laptop in the four corners of the world. I have several friends and contacts who I think could take advantage of this in a big way.

The applications are as follows:

  • Zoho Writer Online word processor
  • Zoho Sheet Online spreadsheet service
  • Zoho Show Online presentation tool
  • Zoho Planner Online organizing tool Todos, Appointments, Notes
  • Zoho DB Online Database & Reporting
  • Zoho Meeting Online Meeting Web Conferencing
  • Zoho Wiki Online Wiki with public, private & group permissions
  • Zoho Notebook Online Note Taker
  • Zoho Chat Online Instant messaging and group chat tool
  • Zoho Projects Online Project Management
  • Zoho Invoice Online Invoicing. Quick and Easy
  • Zoho Creator Online web applications creator

These are free to use unless you need large capacities. Apart from Invoicing where you only get five free invoices a month, most business of up to five people should find it otherwise free of charge.

I will be exploring more possibilities and be writing about the applications in greater detail over the course of the next week or so.


  1. #1 by Andrew on Sunday, 20 July 2008 - 9:30 am

    Haha… That was fast – are you using Google to push news on Zorro to you?This blog doesn’t mean the review will be good when I look at it in depth :-)Ampers.

  2. #2 by arvind on Sunday, 20 July 2008 - 4:12 am

    Andrew : Thanks for using Zoho and for your appreciation!Arvindhttp://zoho.com

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