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MPs call to devalue working man’s pensions

There has been, recently, a howling from left wing MPs in Parliament to create a “wind-fall” tax on the profits of the gas and electricity companies.

However, “times they are a-changing” (acknowledgements to Bob Dylan) and it is no longer just the “idle rich” who hold shares in large companies. In fact, the major shareholders, in all companies, are pension funds. And pension funds equate to “the working man’s retirement funds”.

So a “wind-fall” tax on the profits of these companies will hit your pension funds which have already been hit by Gordon Brown’s stealth taxes.

It is time for a lot of oldies to wake up and smell the coffee. The old Labour / Conservative divide, and labels, are no longer relevant. Back in the days when there was hatred between Labour and Conservative voters, there was a big divide which held Britain back. Now, in the twenty-first century, there is little difference between the two “divides”. ‘Crewe and Nantwich’ was the first constituency to realise this as we have seen from their recent by-election!

When I was very young I sat down to work out which party I should vote for. My mother was far left of Joseph Stalin and my father was a little right of Ghengis Kahn, so I decided I was best equipped to make a sensible decision. After taking a long look at the two major parties I decided to vote Conservative. This wasn’t a natural choice for me, but the best of what I considered a bad bunch.

I would soon be a “working man”. I wanted a job. I saw Labour as a party of restrictions. A destroyer of jobs. I saw the Conservatives as the party for business. I also worked out that this could mean wealthier companies and that this could mean expansion, and in turn, mean more jobs. I chose Tory.

Now? I could never vote for any party who deprived our future generations of their heritage and sold us out to the people who started the second world war. Many of these people escaped the Nürnberg (Nuremburg) trials to found the European Union. And before you put fingers to a comment, I can offer proof.

If you vote for your party because your parents did, and their parents did, no matter what the party is, wake up, and make your own decisions in life. After all, you are an adult now.

Now that I cannot support either of the main parties, and am firm in the belief that we are stuck with the present system for some time to come, I have come to the decision that what really ruins England is when parties remain in power for so long. The Conservatives previously became stagnant, the politicians dishonest, just as the Labour party has become today.

So I have hit on the simple solution of voting for whichever party is not in power. If we all did this, no party would serve more than one consecutive term. So the chances they would completely fuck-up the country would not be as great. But, knowing politicians, they would always find a way!



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