Panasonic? Are they any good?

Many years ago I paid over £100 for a Panasonic bread-maker. Model SD-251. It has given excellent service and by now has paid for itself many times over. Apart from making all our bread, we have found that we can add less salt, thus protecting our bodies from the onslaught of salt attacking us from all angles.

It also allows us to handle the time consuming chore of proving our dough and then we can remove it before the baking process and cook in the oven. So our French bread is proper French rolls, not just a loaf with French dough inside.

When our Microwave gave up the ghost it was a natural choice to choose Panasonic. Model NN-A753W. This item is over a couple of years old now and we are very happy with it. Where it differs to most other makes is, when you turn the heat down, it actually turns down the heat, rather than have gaps between full heat and nothing to simulate lower settings. We are very pleased with this as well, but disappointed to learn that these are the only two Panasonic items for the kitchen.

The websites are very helpful and they have a proper kitchen in their support operation where they will reproduce any problems you report to them. This does indicate they take their products very seriously.

When we came to purchase a new television recently I saw a Panasonic and, because I was so pleased with their kitchen equipment, decided to buy their TX-32LZD80 model. We took this out of the box, plugged in the areal, plugged it on and immediately it auto-tuned all the “free to air” chanels without us having to do anything. There is a 30 page A4 size manual which is all in English, and covers every aspect of what it does. The only fault was that the index could have been more extensive. But the picture is superb and it is HD Ready for the more advanced 1080p version. There are lots of sockets at the back, including one where it can be plugged into a computer’s “external monitor” port. It will also take an SD or SDHC card for showing movies or stills.

One day, if I win the lottery or inherit some money, I would love to buy their full HD 3MOS Camcorder the HDC-SD100, to make full use of this slot but at around £700 I must whistle in the wind. Yes, I know, but whistle does sound a lot better!

Imagine my surprise when I learned through the Internet that it has received the “Which” trophy for the second year running for the most reliable television manufacturer on the market.

Must be a year ago now when I decided I wanted a new camera to wear in a belt holster all the time. There are lots of occasions when I don’t want to take all my professional gear around. If I get blown up on a train and survive, I’d want to take lots of pictures!

After a lot of research I decided on a Lumix TZ3 with a Leica zoom lens, from a 35mm equivalent of 28mm to 280mm (at 7,2 MegaPixels) 10x optical magnification. It also has Image Stabilisation and a 3” screen at the back for excellent viewing. There are dozens of other advantages but these are the main ones. The two things I feel would make it perfect would be an optical viewfinder and to be able to record in a RAW format. ButHey! we can’t have everything. This camera can be found on the Internet for under £200.

Who makes the Lumix? You guess!


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