Old fashioned values,

I exchanged a couple of emails with a lady in Texas called Dawn and visited her YouTube page where she talked about the old-fashioned values of the old West.

Although I understand what she means by this, I can’t help feeling that if she actually lived in the old West, she would have not met any of the Zane Grey type heroes in his books or any of the 110 films which have been made from his books. Pearl Zane Gray, born on the 31st January 1872, was my favourite author as a boy. One interesting fact was that absolutely everything Zane wrote was torn to shreds by the critics, but he became the world’s first millionaire author. There has to be a moral there somewhere! You can download his books here for free.

Some of the things we no longer consider nowadays are things like “Duty”, “Service”, “Honour” and “Loyalty“. Yes, there are a few of us that do but most of those are in the Military which means, as in the first world war, the cream of our youth are still dying.

In the commercial world, if you want to know about the company, look at the CEO, then the board of directors. The attitude towards you from the reception, switchboard, and sales clerks will be an echo of the attitudes of the aforementioned directors. So in life, if you want to know how people in a country will behave, look at the way their politicians behave!

It is no wonder that Britain and America are going to the dogs. (My apologies to dogs everywhere.)

The way the people behave is a reflection of the way the politicians behave. It is, therefore, obvious why there is so much crime and dishonesty in Britain… think about it.


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