Who is Boris Johnson?

Many of you know of my contempt for the Labour, Tory and LibDem parties, together with all the other parties in the UK. However, it is different if we take people individually I guess.

I have been following Johnson’s life since he has become Mayor of London and have been quite impressed. Take just the Olympic Games, for example. Here is a press release I have received. The embolding of text in the body of the press release has been done by me to highlight relevant parts.

    Press Release

    Statement on Mayor’s trip to the Beijing Games
    7-8-2008 406


Boris Johnson will travel to Beijing for the last few days of the Games

–>A spokesperson for the Mayor said:

As Mayor of the next host city of the Summer Games, Boris Johnson has a vital, formal role to play in the handover ceremonies for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing and is very much looking forward to taking part. He is also keen to use the opportunity to promote London, attract investment and strengthen trade links, as well as learn important lessons about hosting the Games.

The Mayor has ensured the number of staff travelling to the Games is kept to the absolute minimum. He will personally only be present for the last few days of the Olympics and will travel with just three members of his team.

Following his election, Boris Johnson immediately set about cutting the costs of London’s involvement. The numbers originally due to attend have been substantially cut, no-one is attending for the entire duration of the Games and everyone has had to justify their role on the trip. For example, the Mayor’s disability advisor needs aides to be able to attend the Paralympic Games.

Significant savings have also been made by cancelling expensive hotel suites and premium flights that had been planned. The Mayor also abandoned expensive plans for a London bus to go to Beijing, and made the London Development Agency cut the budget of the London House by £1 million.”

So it is a beginning. I have Googled to see what the opposition are saying about Johnson and it makes interesting reading. There are howls of anguish because he is reducing support for Ken’s pet themes. So, although one has to feel sorry for the occasional disabled, black, female gay – and I am sure there aren’t too many of them around, a lot of the money is going into projects that will benefit a greater number of Londoners.

Apart from being a Londoner and therefore taking a natural interest in what is happening around me, why am I speaking up for Boris Johnson? Maybe it is because he is an independent spirit? Maybe because “Call me Dave” Cameron wishes he wasn’t here? Maybe because he is getting stuck into the job and destroying waste where he sees it?

Maybe it is all of the above. Personally I have the leaning towards “destroying waste”.

But I’ll continue with my “watching brief”!


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