Politicians and country.

Today’s blog will be very short but has occurred after talking to friends recently.

I can reveal a truth to you, dear reader. It is possible to love your country whilst despising its leaders. In fact, even despising all politicians. In fact, even despising the entire political shebang!

I would even go one step further. If you, in any way, don’t despise your political apparatus, then it would mean that, deep down, you have no love for your country. Loving your politicians is totally incompatible with loving your country.

I may be aiming this at England and the English, but you could be French, German (or any other continental country). You may be from North or South America, India, Russia, Australia, or South Africa (yes I have readers in all these countries) it matters not. Politicians are the same the world over, and loving them is incompatible with loving your country.


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