The Mississippi Paddle Steamer

Well, not so much a steamer, but certainly, as you can see below, a paddle style boat. ‘Ealth ‘n’ safety was the probably cause of the rear paddle being totally encased. But then, these bastards get everywhere don’t they just?

Anyway, first things first. We caught our coach at 8:10am at the bottom of Barnet Hill, and after an hour, driving around Barnet and Enfield, picking people up, we headed for Horning on the Norfolk Broads, arriving there at around 1:00pm. I was hungry, so Pam and I headed for The Swan Inn to eat.

The food was excellent, we both had a half roast duck with all the trimmings and were offered a choice of sauces from a large home-made collection on a tray. We chose cranberry which was very well made. It was all washed down with an excellent Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, clearly the best I have tasted this year. We then made our way to the docking area and awaited our boat. Once we boarded we headed to the top deck and managed to get seats in the very front. Ideal for taking photographs from. This is the inside salon upstairs and we were through the door at the top, on the left.

Before the boat left we saw a fisherman land a healthy sized Pike…

The boat journey was for 90 minutes and we learned that the best part would be the first 30 minutes for photographers on the port side and the last 30 minutes for photographers on the starboard side. (If you are a land-lubber, this is the left and right side facing the bow (front) respectively.)

As we were on the port side, we were busy the first 30 minutes and these are just a small sample of the pictures I took.

And of course, there were other boats on the river. Only a couple of pictures here but we saw hundreds of them. But a boat, is a boat, is a boat 😉

After half an hour or so, we vacated our seats and made our way to a busy and thriving bar where we met and spoke to a few other passengers who also knew the best way to enjoy themselves on a boat trip.

There wasn’t much left of the day. We had a five hour drive back to London and we finally got through our front door around 9:30pm

So it’s good bye from Ampers and good bye from Mrs Ampers…

  1. #1 by Ampers on Wednesday, 27 August 2008 - 12:59 pm

    Oooops, thanks, I have now corrected it.:-)Ampers

  2. #2 by Bill on Wednesday, 27 August 2008 - 12:21 pm

    Nice pics! ;)Presumably you meant “The Swan Inn” by the way, not ‘The Ship Inn’ as the former is what the photo shows.Sounds like you had a nice day.

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