Buying on the ‘net

Just a short blog today, mainly to show my appreciation to two companies who understand that the Internet is in the “here and now”. It is immediate. Mañana is not a word associated with this electronic media. South Africans will appreciate it is what we call “now now” as opposed to “just now”!

At around four o’clock yesterday afternoon I ordered a DVD unit from Amazon, and Read/Write DVDs from Rambox. Amazon sold the unit for £203 which included next day delivery and VAT. John Lewis quoted me £275 – and delivery would take approximately a week. Rambox also quoted me next day delivery but there was a small charge – and it was a small charge – towards delivery. £17.50 for four packs of 25 disks including postage and VAT. That’s 17.5p each for top quality items (they do sell lower priced disks).

Immediately on ordering I received an invoice and receipt from both suppliers in my in-box. Within a couple of hours a further email from each company was received, confirming the items had been despatched.

By 10:30am the next morning, today, both items were delivered.

How do they manage to do this so efficiently? It’s really very simple. They have their own servers on the Internet and therefore can automate all the procedures. In fact the first human, after the order has been placed, credit card payment authorised, confirmations sent out, and accounts updated, is the packer in the warehouse. Apart from speeding everything up, this must save an awful amount of administration.

A lot of companies are climbing onto the Internet for business but just do not understand this “now” attitude Internet have. If you want to take 28 days, or 14, or 7 days for delivery, stick to mail order. You are never going to be as successful as Amazon or Rambox who understand this “now” attitude.


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