Save the planet

I am still not completely sold on Global Warming, especially since, during this last summer, we have had to put our central heating on three times. However, I am prepared to give the scaremongers the benefit of the doubt and do my bit towards recycling and saving gas and electricity. The last two might also be due to the fact that the costs to me are escalating almost daily!

I sold my car a few years ago when I found it was costing me £60 an hour to run. I have held the “decrepit persons” travel card which entitles me to free travel all over Greater London on trains, underground and buses. My wife and I like walking. In case you are wondering at the cost; I owned a Scorpio and only used it about one hour a week. We use a car a lot on holiday but as we go far afield, we have to hire one when we fly there anyway! What with depreciation, repairs, petrol, tax and insurance, it comes to around £3,000 p.a.

So I feel quite OK with myself. But I still don’t completely believe.

However, one of the real problems in this world, especially in Africa, where I hail from, is a lack of water. And the water there is, is heavily polluted.

Just recently I came across a Canadian company called Xogen that has a solution to water pollution and I offer the following video that should excite all viewers who have a love for humanity.

Simultaneously, I have come across a lot of movement in water driven cars. There has been a major problem with this (from the danger aspect) but this seems to have been solved.

I hope to have an exciting blog on this subject in the next day or so.


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