Who are they talking to?

I listen to politicians defending their actions to the various TV Interviewers and wonder exactly what their (politicians) objective is when answering questions.

If you watched Question Time last week you will notice the mirth that greeted politicians from the audience as they spouted their reasoning and excuses.

It almost seems like they are arrogantly disregarding the public as being rather stupid and uneducated. And that could be a quite reasonable assumption – they have now destroyed the once famous British education system which was admired throughout the world.

When talking to the interviewers their one objective is to lie as much as possible – to get themselves off whatever particular hook they find themselves on at that particular time.

But I have news for our politicians.. The British public aren’t as stupid as they imagine them to be. If you doubt my words then take a look at all the recent opinion polls.

We know when things are not going well.


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