BT does NOT want your business

BT, it seems, does not want your business. This afternoon I had reason to telephone BT to query a couple of sneaky additions on my telephone bill.

To talk to an operator to query my bill I dialled 151. I then got a recorded message that gave me two options. Ah! I thought. That is an improvement. Little did I know.

My option got me onto a different recorded voice who gave me several options. I pressed the button I thought was relevant and got yet another recorded voice with even more options. I pressed one of the buttons and received another set of options where there was no option for what I required. I pressed #7 to go back a step and then kept pressing random numbers in a frenzy until I got a human on the end. One who very kindly transferred, with sympathy, to the right department.

It was a nightmare and, over the next few days I shall be seriously investigating the market to see who can offer me a better service. And what would you guess will run high on my list of preferences?

Yes, damn right! Easy access to the help desk. But for that I need your help with suggestions. My email address is top left, if you have a better telephone company with good help desk access, please let me know. My email address is on the top left of this web page.


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