Gordon Brown just doesn’t get it!

I have just been listening to Gordon Brown addressing the Labour Conference. He had his wife get up first to explain how wonderful he really is. At least someone loves him!

When Brown got up to speak he had a long standing ovation, but the more cynical amongst us will probably wait for the polls to confirm whether it was all a put up job for the media or not.

To give Brown his due, he seemed impressive as he laid out his plans for a new Britain. Later in his speech he swiped at the Tories but he just doesn’t get it, does he? The Tories, and Gawd knows, I have no brief for the traitorous party who took us into the EU, want to slash government spending, Brown paints a picture of intense suffering if they go ahead. But he just doesn’t understand that his plans, and this includes all the lifelines he has thrown to the Finance Industry, will cost the tax payer even more money out of their ever diminishing pay packets. And believe me, they are diminishing, and at a fast rate.

But my beliefs as a Libertarian is for less government interference. Slash government back, let the Councils (or the States in America) run their communities, give people their own money back into their pay packets, let them then decide how they spend their money, with everyone having to compete for their custom. This will give real power back to the people.

And, listen to both parties (and the Americans) bleat about the free-market Finance Industry, and the left bleat about capitalism. We haven’t had a proper free financial market for nearly a century. It is awash with governmental regulations. It is these regulations that have brought the world crashing down around us. And we haven’t had free-market capitalism either – for the same reason.

The banks and mortgage people have brought about their problems themselves! Lending without any reference to whether the borrower could afford to pay back or not is pure stupidity. They deserve to goto the wall.

And Brown doesn’t seem to understand anything at all about short-selling. These short-sellers actually perform a useful service. They seek out weak companies, companies with weak and ineffectual management and bring then down. In other words, they weed out those companies that are losing money, losing market share and losing credibility. By stopping them plying their legitimate trade you are only ensuring that unproductive companies survive. I admit, to the uninformed they do seem very much like vultures. But having spent a lot of my childhood living in the African veldt, I have seen the useful service these birds do to keep the veldt clean.

The entire crises in the Western World have been brought about because politicians interfere too much in every aspect of business life. In addition, the lack of well-being the public feel is probably due to all the interference in private life as well.


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