The cost of printer inks

I once had an Epson on a three year contract and it went wrong about three months before the end of the three year contract.

The engineer came round and just exchanged it for a new one. “Wow” I exclaimed: “Don’t you repair them?” The engineer looked at me pityingly and said: “Epson aren’t in the business of selling printers, they are in the business of selling ink cartridges.”

A few years ago I had a Canon and went to the Printer Inks Co on the Internet for a lower priced ink cartridges. They sell X-Print which I have found superb. They haven’t caused any distress to either my printer or to me. The latter being most important.

I now have an HP Photosmart C7280 all-in-one printer and remembered Printer Inks.

For £49.46 inclusive I can get two black cartridges and one each of the various five colour cartridges in a pack, together. The HP price of these would be £82.65 inclusive and they are throwing in a 15 sheet pack of A4 photographic paper as part of the deal. That sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Similar savings for Brother, Canon, Dell, Lexmark and Epson printers.

Give X-Print cartridges a try. If, like me, you find them eminently suitable, you’re on the road to saving big bucks in the office or home.

There is one caveat; if you are a professional photographer constantly producing A4 or larger prints with a very critical eye, I am not absolutely sure whether these will be good enough. I think so but I don’t have that critical an eye. So here is what to do. Print your photograph in black and white and put it aside. Buy just one of the X-Print black cartridges and put it in your printer. Use it for a few pages of type to get your old ink out of the system. Print another identical black and white photograph as the one you put aside, and then compare them.

Oh yes, they now have a three for two offer. This also applies to their special savings packs. If you spend £98.92 inclusive, you will get £247.99 inclusive worth of ink cartridges, a saving of £149.03 inclusive on the HP price. They also sell genuine manufacturers ink cartridges, if that is what you insist on, much cheaper than other shops. In addition, they sell manufacturers re-manufactured cartridges.

This is certainly worth investigating. The money saved is just too much to ignore. And, in my opinion, the old saying that you get what you pay for doesn’t apply if you are judging price against the printer manufacturer’s highly inflated prices.

Go for it!


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