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Am I homophobic?

I have never been quite sure as, whilst I have a few homosexual friends (I take people as I find them) I dislike the overall homosexual movement passionately.

Many of my readers will be asking themselves why I don’t refer to these people as “gay” rather than “homosexual”. This, I have to admit is the whole rub of the situation.

“Gay” was one of the most beautiful words of the English language. It has been hijacked by the homosexual movement and this is the reason why I am so sad that “gay” can no longer be used with its original and true meaning. However, I do not hold this against homosexuals individually.

Am I a racist?

Once I was accused of racism by an African when with a group in my younger days. I looked straight into his eyes and said: “Like you, I am an African, and I can assure you I am no more racist than any other African.” He looked stunned, then a broad grin spread across his face as he knew he (a) had to shut up there and then (b) that Africans are one of the most racist people in the world! We became the best of friends and I only lost touch with him when he went to America and entered their political arena – No! It wasn’t Barack Obama.

I am, of course, considered racist by people of the Politically Correct brigade because I tell jokes involving an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman, and sometimes rail against the French. But I am happy with my position and whenever I meet a new acquaintance, I take them at face value and never make judgements. Everyone is entitled to their views. If I don’t agree with them, I don’t try and change them, neither do I rail against them, I just quietly walk away. After all everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions.

Am I sexist?

Yes, I definitely am. I love the opposite sex and, what is more important, and more unusual, I like them as well! I know beyond any doubt that there is a total difference between the sexes which certainly won’t endure me to feminists. Men can learn from women and women from men. Let me give you an example of the former. When I was in my teens I was intrigued about women’s intuition. I studied it carefully and came to the conclusion that they, unlike men, had tapped into their sub-conscious, and allow this to work on the problem. Over the years I perfected this and now find when I sleep on a problem, I usually wake up with the solution.

Am I Politically Correct?

No, No, a thousand times NO! I will always call a spade a spade, and don’t, please, read anything racist in that remark. Political Correctness was introduced by Marxists when, alarmed at the Anglo-Saxons capacity for independent thought, devised political correctness as a means to destroy ordinary people capacity, in the UK and America, to voice their feelings and what they believe in out loud.

For example, Marxists want, desperately, to totally destroy England. They are not concerned with Britain, it is England and the English which have always been a thorn, with their ability of independent thought, in their collective sides.

Take Immigration, for example. Immigration is ruining England. We are over-crowded and our NHS is crumbling. Our schools can’t cope with all the different languages, and our police are becoming more like the American police thugs every day. If we stand up and condemn the rapid influx of other peoples into our country we are racists. The BNP are racists because they want to kick out the foreigners already here. How can we be racists if we accept those from a multitude of nations, religions and ethnic creeds already here, but want to say, “enough” and “no more” ?

This is how “Political Correctness” destroys our rights to voice our opinions, not just on immigration, but in all matter of subjects.

My political leanings.

Many of you reading this will think, this guy is definitely a Conservative as he has quite right wing views. Wrong!!! The old left-right system of measuring political leanings is rather archaic, even though it is still in use throughout Britain today.

The real divisions in politics are Statist, Centist or Libertarian. I will explain and show where the two main parties in thos country fit in.

Statists are people who believe the Government should run all aspects of the economy, and all aspects of our own individual lives. The nearest party which fits in with Statism are the Socialists.

Centists are people who believe the Government should run all aspects of the economy, but that the individual should be responsible for running their own individual lives. The nearest party which fits in with Centism are the Conservatives, but they are closer to Statism than the third alternative.

Libertarians are people who think that Government should be cut back totally and have very little to do with the economy or individuals. There is no party in the UK offering much hope for Libertarianism although there are one or two libertarians in the Conservative party. But nowhere enough to make a difference.

So who do I vote for in an election if there is no one for me? Well, as I have said, as a Libertarian, there is no party available for me to belong to.

As I feel it is my duty to vote, I go and listen to all sides talk and the candidate who I feel will do more for my constituency gets my vote, even an independent. Failing anyone suitable I vote for the opposition on the belief that if my vote helps stop any party from getting in for a second time can’t be bad as the heavier forms of corruption usually rears its ugly head from the second term onwards. In addition, those of you who really know about politics know that the politicians only play a very small part on how Britain is run. So it really doesn’t matter which party gets in.

People often say, but you will let the other side in. “What other side?” I reply. To imply an “other side” means that I have a party in the first place.

I feel better now dear reader… how do you feel?


PS If you want to know more about what is happening in the financial world of America should go to this page of links to information on all the subjects.

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