Will they, won’t they

This is the question, will the American politicians come up with a solution by Monday? It is alarming to hear of a Dutch bank in trouble. Not the Dutch bank Howard, my uncle, has a lot of his savings in but rather close to home for him none-the-less.

Howard’s other bank is the American “Citibank” which, recently, had been giving cause for concern. However, in this clip we learn that one banking group is up for sale and Citibank is one of the three bidders. I have to admit, this has given him a little more confidence. But in this situation, things can get out of hand very quickly. I think he is now beginning to regret not taking my advice to buy gold!

Isn’t Ron Paul magnificent. The one member of the American government who seems to know what is happening, why it is happening, and how we can “fix it” We will have to start calling Ron, Jim!


PS Everything is right at the time of writing, but in the short time this gets into the blog, things can change, drastically!

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