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The whole world’s a bit mad, ‘cept thee and me…

… and thee’s a bit funny!

Patten is a communist.

Lord Patten, the last British Governor of Hong Kong and now a chancellor at Oxford, has said that Middle Class families should agree to pay higher school fees for their children to go to University. Remember the Communist creed that begins, “Each according to his…”

The Gurkhas can stay.

The Law Courts have said that it is only fair that Ghurkas (50,000 of them have died for our country – and they have won thirteen VCs for their regiment) should be allowed to stay and the Government should think again. The battle isn’t over yet, but if the Labour Party are a decent bunch and they don’t hate dark skinned people too much, they may allow all Ghurkas who fought in the British Army, for our country and its people, to stay. But are they… ? Do they…?

Tesco’s Bank plc

Tesco are now considering offering mortgages and hope to start current accounts within the year. They say that it will be easy to be competitive as the high street banks have to recoup millions of pounds of losses and they can only do that from their customers.

It’s not just the banks!

A well known construction company has reduced prices of some of its new homes by nearly 50% as the financial crisis bites. In addition, the Telegraph reports that retailers’ sales are down 30%. We will all have to tighten our belts and I will research and try to write about the best ways to do this soon..



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