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The “Tesco Direct” Catalogue

I was thumbing my way through this free 1,000 page catalogue we picked up from our local branch and I do urge people to check the Internet before buying anything from it.

I am sure a lot of items are competitive but when I came across the Panasonic Lumix TZ5 (I own the older TZ3) on page 630. I was amazed at the price they were charging. The full recommended retail price of £289.97. I checked and people are selling this on the Internet for around £180 to £200. In fact Amazon UK are charging £174.70 for the silver model as shown in the Tesco Direct catalogue.

I think, in the years to come, Amazon is going to grow into the largest retailer in Britain if they are not already. The worrying thing is, what will happen if the shops and stores start to collapse in the present economical climate – will they keep their low prices.




One Man stands alone

I saw this video on YouTube yesterday. it is only just over two minutes and shows that a medical doctor knows more about the American economy than all the experts in the White House. I am referring, of course, to the member of Congress for Texas, Dr Ron Paul.

So why, are you asking. am I taking such an interest in American politics. Some of you may remember me telling you that my Father spent 21 years from the age of three months in New York. But this really has nothing at all to do with my interest.

American is in big trouble. I mean really big trouble. And yesterday they have set in motion something that may bring about the total collapse of the economy of the USA.

I know America is hated by a lot of people in the world, including those in Europe – especially the French. But when America sneezes, we in Europe catch a cold. What will we catch if America gets the ‘flu? Will it, perhaps, be Pneumonia?

Things are going to be tough in the next two or three years for us, but nowhere near as tough as they may get if this “rescue plan” of the Americans does not work. And if you haven’t really got an idea of which way it will go. Just sit down, and quietly tell yourself that this is President Bush’s idea!

I am not going to go on about unfairness of the ordinary American citizen who is going to have to reimburse the billionaires and the millionaires who caused this catastrophe in the first place. If the plan was a good one, and it worked. And we weren’t going to suffer over here – I wouldn’t be too concerned. I am only worried about our plight in Britain.. This does not, however, mean I don’t feel very sorry for their plight.

Watch the video again, it’s only two minutes.


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