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Prime Ministers, Presidents and your wealth

Many of you have heard me on this subject before but I will bring it up again, but with a new slant.

First of all, the Prime Minister of the UK and the President of the USA do not run their countries. I often refer to the shadowy men behind the scenes who control our lives. I have refrained from naming names and have only hinted about this for fear of being seen as eccentric at best, or a raving lunatic at worse.

However, this theme is occurring more and more as people learn of this in our two countries and now I can actually name two of the families either at the top of the group, or, at the least, rather close to the top as these people are mentioned more and more, in this context, on the Internet.. These are the families of the American JP Morgan bankers and the British Rothchilds bankers.

There is a two hour video on the Internet which explains just how the monetary system is being manipulated. Although this is from the American angle, the same thing is happening in the UK and mostly all over the EU. The information to watch is during the first section. It is about twenty-minutes long and there is no need to watch the rest of the video – although the rest of the video is rather interesting. You can skip the first three to four minutes as this is just saying; “look how great we are manipulating computer graphics”!

After watching these twenty minutes of enlightenment I rather suspect that many of you who have shares in the stock market, or large amounts of money on deposit will worry. You are right to worry. Since the beginning of the twentieth century when both America and Britain came off the gold standard (we hadn’t been on the gold standard for over a hundred years when Gordon Brown sold our gold reserves a few years ago) our money has devalued, steadily, every year. Every time the FED or the Bank of England print money to get us out of a difficulty, our money devalues even further. This method of printing money happens all over the Western World.

Those who have money should think of precious metals. Gold, Silver, Platinum. No, forget Gold Mine shares. These won’t save you. It has to be a physical holding of the metal. And think of the repercussions when buying. Sovereigns are still legal tender in the UK. Krugerrands are still legal tender in South Africa. Why is this important? The law states that buying and selling legal currencies are not eligible for Capital Gains Tax (CGT). A 1.06 oz (1 oz of pure gold) Krugerrand is the largest Krugerrand made. There are smaller ones on offer so be careful. However, there is a shortage of these coins since a Swiss buyer cleaned the South African mint of its entire stock of 5,000 Krugerrands (selling in the UK at between $920 and $980 each as of this morning).

Silver is a good bet. We are approaching a world shortage in Silver. Did you know that every computer sold has one ounce of silver on its internal motherboard? This is to facilitate the low current to flow easily as silver is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Then, a second property for the purpose of letting is also an excellent buy, providing you can buy it outright. Because of all the housing foreclosures going on at the moment, and the almost impossibility of getting a mortgage, the rents now charged are rising rapidly. Now that the law allows a six month or a twelve month lease, you can easily get a rogue tenant out. A landlord who is fair and charges 20% lower than the average rent will have no trouble keeping the right tenant for long periods.

There is another alternative. That is to move to New Zealand. And before you laugh, this is one that my wife and I are seriously considering.



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