An apology

Sorry for the lack of material over the last week but I have been ill. Not quite better yet, but here’s a thought…

Lord Webber (Andrew Lloyd Webber) has been asked to write the next song for the EuroVision Song Contest. My question is, will it make a difference?

Some people are saying that it is all political now and whatever we come up with will still come last. Others say all our songs are crap and that is why we are always at the bottom.

I think both theories are correct. Our songs have certainly been crap, and nobody loves us enough to give us their points.

Personally I find the point scoring more interesting than the songs and now only tend to watch the second half. Last year nearly every score was given in English and that was enough to cheer me up immensely. And, when I heard that the French contribution was actually sung in English, my joy knew no bounds. And given the choice of having the world loving us or hating us, there is no contest.

I love it when they all hate us.


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