Loss of data.

I do like the public spirited citizens who hand in computer memory sticks with government sensitive data to the police. I think it is highly laudable.
I also appreciate those who hand in the items to the newspapers to cause maximum embarrassment to the Government.
However, if I were to find a memory stick with highly sensitive information, evidently lost by a civil servant, I would not hand it in to the police, neither would I hand it into the newspapers.
I would take it somewhere most private, take a sledgehammer and smash it into a thousand pieces. And I would keep my mouth totally closed and not tell a living soul what I had done.
This would not cause our country any embarrassment but it would cause the maximum amount of fear and despondency to the department who owned the data and, because the information had never been found, the maximum punishment to the careless bastard who lost it in the first place.
My objective is to try and put the fear of God into people carrying such information around with them so they take proper care.
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