The new Westfield Shopping Mall.

This is the new mall, the largest in Europe, that has recently opened at Shepherd’s Bush in West London. Pam and I took the tube there on Friday afternoon and were surprised just how near it was to the Shepherd’s Bush Central Line underground station. Out of the front entrance, turn left, and there it was after only a few yards.

Two models demonstrating the furniture offerings in the gigantic Marks ‘n’ Sparks store.

We only went for a look and to suss out the complex, but ended up spending in three figures! It was so easy to do – be warned.

One point which really amazed us was the fact that the management of Westfield’s had attracted stores from all over Europe and the world. One young lady in a New Zealand store told me their branch was the first in Europe. There was an Australian store selling the Ugg brand.

Although there were many of the old well known stores, the majority of the stores were totally unknown in this country, and all selling some rather nice, and exclusive clothes and accessories.

If you drive there, they have valets who will park your car for you, and people to carry your shopping! But be warned, these services will cost! We did not avail ourselves to their facilities!

A lot of money had been spent on the complex and even the roof was a work of art. In addition, the hallways were large with plenty of room for the crowds even though there were lots of stalls scattered all over the complex.

The stores were open until 9pm, 10pm on some days, with the outside restaurants open until after midnight. Finally, when my legs were aching, and my credit card was melting through the heat of being over-used, we made our way home, passing a surprising shop on the way out!

So if you want to buy a friend a five caret diamond ring, don’t be surprised if the staff look down their noses at you. “Five Carets! Really sir, have you tried H Samuel?”

Conclusion. The Westfield Centre is well worth a visit and, if you want to make a day of it, there is a choice of 50 cafés and restaurants where you can have lunch and even dinner. And, if funds are not too much of a problem, my suggestion is to buy a three ton lorry as you will easily be able to fill it!


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