Remembrance day

Did you watch the Remembrance Day parade this morning, and the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance last night?

I watch this every year but this year I was sickened to see the Prime Minister at both locations. This is the man most responsible for the majority of our troops being killed and maimed both in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is by not supplying our forces with the equipment they need, from protection equipment in aircraft, through the wrong vehicles which are susceptible to road mines, to soldiers having to share and take turns in using body armour.

But apart from this, I did enjoy both the festival on Saturday night and the parade on Sunday morning

This is a good time to remind all of Joanna Lumley’s Gurkha petition which closes on the 14th November. Please go to their website and sign it. It is so important for us to honour their bravery and to allow these British soldiers to end their lives in our country if this is their wish. The Gurkhas have served in the Army for around two centuries, and only receive a monthly pension of about £131, compared with his British soldier counterpart, who receives £1,000 a month. Is that fair?

I hear that the Metropolitan police want to recruit Gurkhas but I am not so sure this is a good idea. First of all, Gurkhas won’t be willing to serve unless they can wear their kukris (original name Khukuris) on their belt. This is their traditional weapon, a knife with a wide curved blade. It is almost a religion with them – and they have to draw blood whenever they remove the knife from the scabbard. This is why a Gurkha’s thumb is a mass of scars. They prick their thumb after taking out the knife to sharpen and clean it. This may not go down well with senior police officers, but it will put the fear of God into London street gangs.

There is another reason why they may not fit in. Gurkhas, by tradition, are steeped in honour. They would never accept a bribe, neither would they “bear false witness” or, in other words, fit someone up for a crime they did not commit. In addition, they wouldn’t bully innocent citizens. It is for this reason that I strongly advise the Met to drop such an idea. On rereading this paragraph I am aghast. How can I, a respectable citizen who has come to the aid of the police three times in the past, have such a low opinion of the present police force? I’m not even a motorist. Could it be anything to do with the politicisation of the police force?

Photos from a television set.

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