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Are Swedish cars really so unimaginative?

This is the opinion of so many media critics and Volvo drivers, in particular, are singled out for the worst insults.

But I would be proud to own and drive a Swedish car. The idea of a top speed of 254 miles an hour admittedly doesn’t thrill or interest me in any way. However, the acceleration of this particular Swedish car does interest me. Driving isn’t about driving at the top speed, it is about getting away fast at traffic lights and keeping out of the “bunch” and getting quickly out of trouble. The standing start up to sixty miles an hour is listed as 2.9 seconds and that is fast enough for anybody.

The 0-30 mph speed will be approximately a second so you can get away quickly and still be legal in the centre of London – as quick as a wink. The car’s engine is powered by a mix of eco-friendly ethanol and petrol so it produces far less emissions than its supercar rivals.

Koenigsegg CCGT

Mind you, it may be some time before I actually purchase one. Not with a price-tag of £1,500,000. Unless one of my readers would like to buy me one for Christmas! (And another, a little better off, volunteers to pay for the insurance?)



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