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Do you hate the Scots and the Welsh?

Whereas I used to like people from Scotland and Wales in general and treated them the same as I did we English, I have to admit I am slowly beginning to dislike them, nay – in fact – loathe them.

This is sad because the problem is in no way their fault. As usual it is the fault of the Westminster politicians.

I have always been a strong Unionist and flown the flag of Great Britain but I am slowly coming around to wanting a split-up of the Union, and to see Westminster become a 100% English parliament. As for Gordon Brown, even the Scots don’t like him as they keep voting in the SNP at most of their bye-elections!

Take a look at what Fred has to say in this English Political Broadcast as it may open your eyes to what has happened to this great country.

The English Democrats, of which I am not a member, seems quite active – but take a look yourself and come to your own conclusion.



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