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Paying low wages in developing countries.

I used to be horrified at children being sent to work by their families to work for a pittance, and for countries getting less for their products on the world markets.

However, on talking to people from some of these countries I am beginning to change my view a little.

First of all, if these companies in developing countries had to pay a Western level wage they would not be competitive, nobody would buy their goods. Then they would go out of business, and their workers would starve.

Then families who send their children to work. As horrible as this is, and as reprehensible as it appears to all of us, these children live rather than starve. And their families live rather than perish.

I spoke to one Indian lady who said it was not unheard of for a large family (eight or nine children) to pick the most intelligent and send that child to school while the rest of the family toiled to support the bright child, who may then go on to university. He or she, usually a he, would then get a good job and support the family with their brothers and sisters for life. They aren’t going to drive Lamborghinis but they will survive, and India is changing day by day, life will get better.

Is it better for children to work, or is it better for us to take the moral high ground and ensure that these children die of starvation to support our pious views? You may answer!

Here is someone else’s view of this.



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NuLab double standards.

I wonder if anything will be made of this?


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