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Ampers’ Rants

I really enjoy writing my blog. Ideally, I would write something every day but it is pointless to do so if I have nothing to say. This is why I only write four or five a week mostly, although I do, occasionally, write each day.

Today I was going through the map inlay of Google Analytics to see where my readers come from. (Google Analytics analyses my website and tells me a lot about my visitors, but never their addresses alas!)

As far as I can tell (it is a little difficult to check very small countries) my visitors come from the following:

Alaska, Canada, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Great Britain, Eire, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, India, Mongolia, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia and Australia.

An interesting list, and one that surprised me. I was surprised that New Zealand isn’t on it, and now know that John, in North Island, doesn’t read my words of wisdom 🙂

Another thing that surprises me are all the visitors from Eastern Europe – you know, the guys that seem to do all the work! Also Mongolia? I don’t know anybody in Mongolia!

But I am so pleased that so many people are coming to my site from so many different countries. It has really cheered me up. And I promise to keep my blog going.



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