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Do you ever get one of those days?

The following video illustrates just what I mean…

If you are a white male, living in England, this is not a dig at any of my black friends, look on it as a dig at the government, and you are on an average wage (who works seven days a week) that, thanks to Labour:

  • It will be okay to discriminate against me in the jobs market – new rule

  • special booze offers are to be banned – Queen’s speech

  • I am to subsidise savings schemes for people on tax credits

  • my tax and NI are to go up soon – pre-budget report

  • I will be asked as a taxpayer to guarantee other people’s mortgages even though I (wisely) refrained from buying a house myself

  • I am still subsidising Northern Rock and B&B as well as other banks

  • My pension has been destroyed by Brown’s stealth tax

  • not only have the very few shares I own have collapsed in value but the interest I receive on my savings are dropping through the floor.

Can’t we all sympathise with those poor people at that lovely wedding?




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