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D-I-Y Christmas Cards

This only applies to any of you who are either feeling the pinch of our financial meltdown, or suspect they may suffer a little in the months to come.

My wife and I have made – for email – our own Christmas cards. The cards are sent out as a PDF and the recipient prints it out, folds it into quarters and plonks it on their mantelpiece. In other words, at the other end, it becomes a real card.

The first thing is to design your card. To ensure the card is not distorted the other end, make sure you have a 15mm border on each of the card’s four sides.

Draw four boxes for each corner of the card, ensuring there is a 30mm gap between the top and bottom boxes and the left and right boxes. Number each box 1 to 4. This ensures that 99% of printers will be able to print the finished result without too much leaning the wrong way. If you get my meaning. If you are technical, without too much offset.

Print out your draft and fold it into quarters. Note where each number is and what way up the numbers are. This is important and you will refer to this as you go along.

Whatever number is the front of the card is where you put the main design on. If the number is upside down, make sure your design is turned upside down as well. You can download a Christmas image from the web – in my case, my wife painted one and we scanned it in. On the back we mocked up a design advert to make it look like a proper card.

In the inside, one page has our address and phone number in 9pt and the other side has the Christmas message in large fancy print.

Then the boxes are removed – unless you want a border {best without as it makes any offset become apparent, I thought). Make sure the numbers are also removed.

Now print the card and test it and proof read it. When it passes all your tests, print or export to a PDF document. If you haven’t got one, there is a free one on the Internet.

Now you are ready to send out your Christmas cards.

We also send out a desk top published newsletter to all the friends we have had little contact with over the year, detailing all the major things we have done. Since we started well over a decade ago, many of our friends have taken up the idea. This can also be saved as a PDF and sent out with the cards.



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