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Working with data files

A little tip for keeping unwanted files off your hard disk. It is so simple but it saves me a lot of aggro.

Quite often you work on your word processor, spreadsheet or DTP program to prepare a data file. It might take you a few days to finish what you are doing, but you know that you will not want to keep this file on your computer after a few more days.

Simply add the word DELETE before the file name, and put it in CAPITALS..

For example, you are working on a letter asking for more details about an invoice or bill. Once you get the reply, there is really no need to keep the letter as the matter has been dealt with.

Instead of calling it: “Letter to Amazon re invoice 123456789” you can call it: “DELETE Letter to Amazon re invoice 123456789”

To save time having to remember to delete the file when it is no longer needed, you could go through your data files, once a month, checking out all files starting with the word DELETE to see whether they are still relevant.

If you use a computerised diary, make entries for all the routine stuff you have to do a private entry which won’t show up if you allow others to access your diary. For example, on the last Friday of the month you could have an entry: “4pm – Computer (DELETE) file removal”.

Pam and I use the private section for all sorts of reminders which occur every month, quarter or annually. This is so handy, especially when you have so many more important things to remember. But we put those in our diary as well!



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