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Learn Texas Hold’em Poker

There is a commentator and poker player with a strange name of “Grub Smith” who has put together 12 steps to learning poker for “Poker Heaven”. These are twelve short 10-15 minute videos and even if, like me, you regularly play in tournaments (five table, 50 seats) and, like me, win a place much of the time, and come first a few of those times, you can still learn. Incidentally, I do not play for money, I play on the practice tables for the sheer fun of the game.

I suggest you take these lessons seriously and start as a rank beginner at number one. Although elementary, there are still good points that may be picked up.

My suggestion is to group these lessons into six groups of two, and make sure you play at least a couple of hours poker before moving onto the next group. This way you can put into practice what you have learned, before you forget.

Follow this to see the first video

After you have watched the first video, you will see the rest of the videos in a list on the right. Occasionally you will find you have to watch an advertisement first. To bypass the advertisement, all you need to do is to double click on the picture of the correct video which is repeated underneath the main screen. Doesn’t happen very often.



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