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Prosecute the innocent?

I saw in the paper yesterday that David “Call me Dave” Cameron is calling for those guilty in our economical disaster to be prosecuted.

Prosecute the guilty? Reward the innocent? What a bloody novel idea. But I can’t see it working in the UK, can you? The police, for one, would be appalled if this took root.

But if it does take root, I think Gordon Brown should watch out. He has set a precedent by letting the police into parliament. They may be coming for him next if Cameron gets his way.

There is a certain similarity between Gordon Brown and Moses. It took Moses forty years to lead the Jews out of the wilderness.



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Climate change is not the problem

The whole world is going mad. Am I really the only sane person? Everywhere I look there are articles, news and comments about “climate change” and nothing about the fact that the earth’s resources are drawing to an end or that the population will double in forty years!

Oil, copper, uranium just to mention a precious few. Already these are no longer plentiful and are already costing us more to get them out of the earth than they did twenty years ago. It is estimated some of them will be too expensive to mine in twenty years time and by forty years time they will all be too expensive to mine.

In January 1970 there were 3.91 billion people. In December 2008 there are 6.868 billion. This is an exponential graph and therefore is estimated to double in forty years time.

(To my friend who said nonsense, people are killing and dying all over the world, it won’t happen, all I can say is, yes, they have also been doing this since 1970 and it doubled.)

Do look at Chris Martenson’s presentation, then you will be forewarned and will be an expert on economics, the earth, and population explosion after 20 easy chapters. Apart from knowing more about what is happening, you will be in a better position to plan for the future. That has to be a plus… doesn’t it?


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