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I like quiz shows

They exercise the brain and like most people approaching seventy plus, I worry about losing my marbles or even of getting Altzheimers.

But I hate this time of year as they have, instead of members of the ordinary public who manage to give me a little sport, bleddy celebrities. Now, as most of my readers know, celebrities in the UK are usually very arrogant, rather lacking in the social graces and incredibly stupid! There is no sport in beating these people in the knowledge games.

Quizes fall into two groups. With multiple choice and with no choices.

One of my favourite games without multiple choices is 15 to 1. This is serious but also a fun game. I do also watch University Challenge and Mastermind and am usually happy at the reasonable but small percent of questions I manage to answer.

One of my favourite multiple choice games is Eggheads. I guess I like this one because sudden death means they don’t have multiple choice. I did enjoy Millionaire when it first came out but feel it is getting a little jaded now.

But around Christmas (am I allowed to say that word?) we get many of these stupid celebrities having a shot for their favourite charities. For me this is a total turn-off. Roll on the middle of January!

But don’t get me wrong. Celebrities have an important part to play. They earn huge amounts of money and, because they are so stupid generally, the great British public always feel there is a chance also to be incredibly rich. In most cases, you don’t need real ability, you don’t need real intelligence and you don’t need real talent.

Television should concentrate on people who can be good role models for the young.

In other words, instead of just getting a name somewhere, they should also have the type of attributes we would like to see passed on to our children. “Viva la celebrity.”



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