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The Google Phone

I have been wanting a G-Phone ever since I first heard of it but am holding back. Not just because the off-contract price is £399.00 either.

The present version of the phone is 1.0 and so is the operating system. Those of us who have been involved in the micro-computer industry – and I have since 1977 – know that something in “beta” test mode is really “alpha” and when version 1.0 comes out it is really in “beta” test mode. The wisest amongst us wait until version 2.0 is released as we know that this is really the first “proper” release – or “true version 1.0”. Version 2.0 is the first release that has had extensive testing and, by then, 90% of the “idiosyncrasies” have been “put right”.

I tend to use most of the Google applications so a Google phone seems the sensible route to go. I have also been informed that, in the New Year, there will be several others arriving on the scene so this may also bring the price down. There is nothing like capitalist competition for bring prices down.

One or two of my friends are astounded that I trust Google with my data. I hate to admit that I have some foolish friends, but they are very nice really. It is just that they haven’t thought it through properly. After all, they trust their ISP with their email data don’t they? What’s the difference? Please tell me! In addition, one’s email travels through the Internet via a dozen or so ISPs before it arrives in your mail box.

In addition, with Google being so large, I would imagine they take especial care with people’s data. Let’s face it, it would be the end of Google if they allowed hackers to steal their data. I trust Google a darn sight more than I trust the British Government with my sensitive data! GCHQ and their American, Russian and Chinese counterparts know everything you say even before you think of it!

And, remember, you are not paranoid – they really are out to get you!



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