Busking in America

The following took place in a busy period on the American equivalent of our Underground.

But it was a stunt organised by the Washington Post. They got hold of Joshua David Bell (41), one of the world’s top violinists to play, on his $3,500,000 violin, top class music which would not be well known – they didn’t want to attract people to listen through recognition of the pieces played.

The above video tells the story, a few appreciated the music but none realised they would normally pay hundreds of dollars just to hear this man play.

You can read the full article in the Washington Post and it is worth taking a few minutes to take a look. The above video is the same as on the Washington Post link so there’s no need to watch the video again there.

Here is another video of Joshua playing a beautiful, more well known, piece in a concert setting… “The girl with Flaxen hair” by Debussy.



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