Agency nurses earn up to £128 an hour

Knowing newspapers and the way they report, this is probably just a very few agency nurses, and most of them would probably earn half that. So, OK, let’s look at what half these figures are for £64 an hour?

Based on a forty hour week, we are talking about £2,720 a week, £11,787 a month or £141,440 a year. The highest band, actually mentioned in the newspaper example, earning nearly £300,000 a year, which is probably more than the Prime Minister. Not bad for someone who doesn’t need a university degree for the job, is it?

Anyway, it does help explain why the National Health Service is cracking up and why our taxes have to go up, and up and up, as they will surely do in 2009, and then again in 2010 and again in 2011.

Forget the election changing anything, Gordon Brown will get in again as people get the government they deserve, and a majority of the British people, in the majority of the constituencies in the UK voted in a Labour government time and time again.

At present the present breakdown of parliament is:

……………………………..England Scotland Wales

Conservatives ……………….. 194 ………….. 1 …………. 3
Socialists ……………………….. 286 ……….. 40 ……….. 29

So, if we had an English parliament, it would have been 190 Tory seats to 217 Labour seats – a far more balanced figure. The Northern Irish figures and the minor parties have not been included here.

Robin Tilbrook, chairman of the English Democrats who sent me the above figures is campaigning for an English parliament because so many people get upset at the Scottish politicians having such a huge say in the lives of English people whereas the English politicians have little or no say in the lives of the Scottish people. And to a lesser extent the Welsh.

Although my personal views are to maintain the United Kingdom, what I would like to see is a new parliament built in Manchester for the United Kingdom, with perhaps one MP from each county to handle things like the Army, the Foreign Office and embassies – this will pay for itself in reduced armies, and maintaining embassies around the world.

Then, perhaps, an English parliament in Westminster of one to five MPs per county to handle things like forward planning for the country, including, but not management of policing, education and health and other matters, I envisage no more than a couple of hundred thus making a total of around 250 MPs all told.

Local councils should be given full control of police, health and education, including budgets etc. I would like also to see the end of council tax as we know it and a low income tax for State, and a larger income tax for local government, the total of which to be no higher than our present system of tax and council tax.

Of course where would be no requirement for interference from foreign powers in my plans!

Each council would be in a better position to judge what is better for their own area and instead of all these targets, a list of every council and how they stack on their tax charged against the services they have carried out, and the amount of their voters they have carried with them. Not separate figures – one figure per council given as a percentage. Damnit! We have computers – this could easily be programmed. The objective would be so people can see where they would like to move to.

However, it is not going to happen and I am slowly beginning to conclude that Robin’s party really does have something to offer English people.

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