Be tough with restaurants

I am fed up with restaurants taking liberties and, in 2009, with a dodgy economy, many restaurants are going to go to the wall. I have decided to fight back and will print the following onto an A4 sheet and have an envelope to put it in. I will mark it if there are problems, and address the envelope to the Manager and give it in when leaving. Please feel free to copy me. If enough people do this, maybe greedy restaurant owners will take notice, especially as a lot of them will be closing down in 2009/2010!


To the Restaurant Management

The reason I, my wife and, possibly, my friends will not visit your restaurant again is because (item marked below)

* Automatic service charge applied
* Over-attentive

* Cover, bread or petit four charges, not made clear
* Small

* Turning tables – whisking plates away whilst still chewing
* Charging
for tap water
* Tables placed
too close together
* Out-of-season ingredients

* Menus in a foreign language without English translation

* Salt and pepper served in open bowls

Please ignore this comment of mine if you feel that, in these troubled times, you can afford to lose customers.

We will not return until after the restaurant changes hands!

Full name here (email address or phone number in brackets)

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