Reward the Guilty

Our society, nowadays, seems to operate – in all spheres – under the code of “Reward the guilty and punish the innocent”.

I read over the weekend that Ofsted claims they have indicated 15,000 teachers were “below standard” ten years ago. And our beloved government has acted swiftly by sacking ten of them since then!

And, at the end of the previous year, I learned that more than 400,000 extra crimes would be solved each year if all police performed as well as the top five forces. Not one Chief Constable of any under-performing force has been fired or, at least, been eased out of office.

How many heads of the Civil Service have been told to go after losing our citizens’ data? Not one I warrant. Although some luckless junior has probably been pushed out.

How many chief executives are eased out after under-performing with a “golden handshake” I seem to remember a Citigroup CEO who made a lot of mistakes and was forced to retire. His “Golden Handshake” was $42M and, in addition, he was given an office, a PA and a car and chauffeur for a further twelve months totally free of all expenses. By rewarding the guilty, he gets enough to retire for life, and at the same time, the innocent – the customers – who have to pay for this, are punished!

And look at MPs, they are all guilty of awarding themselves too much pay, and most of them fiddle their “John Lewis” expenses. I guess the public aren’t really innocent in this case though, after all, they blindly vote in the same guilty MP at each and every election.


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