Help beat troubled times.

Whatever your God, I am sure HE teaches you that you have to help yourselves and that salvation will not appear on a plate!

The following are some ideas on what you can do to ensure your family will have the best chance of surviving over the coming years.

What is wrong!

As I said in a previous blog, read it! The governments of the EU, UK and US are not addressing the underlying problems because it would be too painful for the public to accept and if they did address them, they would be hounded. There are two links on this page to videos. The first will explain why we are in this mess, and the second will make it clear why we are not going to get out of it if we continue as we are.

Written Goals

As I said in a previous blog, read it! If you don’t plan you won’t know where you are!

Monthly meetings

My wife and I have been holding monthly meetings for decades now. Here we discuss all our finances and produce monthly and year to date financial reports. We discuss our interests, our home and our work. It is also where we plan for the future.

Under the employment or work section, you could list all your skills as a family and how you can apply them to finding work on a freelance basis. Whether you can take in typing, book-keeping or washing! Whether you can change your garden so you can grow your own food. Here, you can work together to update your respective CVs, bearing in mind that your objective is to get an interview, not get the job. In other words, hint at things that will encourage the personnel manager to want to “wheel you in” to find out more!

Pay off credit cards every month

This is only aimed at people whose credit card company charge them more than three points over the current bank rate – the present bank rate is 1.5%. If your credit card company is charging you over 4.5% then it is, in my view, extortion, and you should read on.

Work to get your credit card debt down to zero and pay it off every month.

When you have done that you can get one of those credit cards that pay you cash-back on everything you spend. We did this and when we were working we earned enough for a long weekend in Paris each year! Now we are retired it still gives us a few candlelit dinners out.

One of the best places to visit for advice on money whether credit cards, bank accounts or mortgages (and a host of other subjects) is The Motley Fool. Whilst on the website subscribe to their various email lists, they bring a wealth of information. A website well worth subscribing (free) to.

Save and be on constant alert for the best deals.

In your monthly meeting, earmark anything that may need to be replaced over the next six months and the next year costing over £100. Check prices constantly for these items and, when you can get the best deal, buy it and store it in the garage or a cupboard until needed.

Be on constant alert for ideas to help the company you work for.

Submit ideas in writing and keep a copy. The better the idea, the longer they’ll want you around. You need to discuss these with your family first and only present the best ideas to your CEO. And cost it first, in both money and amount of labour required. Present a full well thought out plan.

Reduce social travel.

Get to know your neighbours and make friends locally.

The people who will survive if the downturn gets really bad, will be those living in close-knit communities. Chris Martenson is a man who sold his house and moved because he lived in an unfriendly area. Read his story here, and note when he says: “I now know that the most important descriptor of wealth is not my dollar holdings, but the depth and richness of my community. “


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