Ken Clarke on front bench

Today’s blog comes from a political colleague, Rodney Atkinson.

Yes, he is the brother of Mr Bean. They are both talented, but while one makes you laugh, the other makes you cry!

Thank you Rodney, and you’ll be pleased I have appended your email in full below.


The appointment to the Shadow Cabinet of the most disastrous politician of the last 30 years – Kenneth Clarke – is tragedy bordering on farce

This is the man who has conspired with opposition parties to destroy the British Constitution, turn the Houses of Parliament into (in his own words) “a local authority chamber” and abolish the pound and the Bank of England. He even offered his help to the German Government to persuade the British people to join the Euro. His grotesque policy of joining the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1990 predictably produced 3 million unemployed and the Euro which he fanatically supports has produced massive and long lasting high unemployment across Europe and is at present bankrupting the economies of Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Spain and Italy. When asked if he had read the Maastricht Treaty he said he did not need to “because I know what it says”. He didn’t!

Clarke’s domestic economic record is literally laughable. He arrived in the North East and praised the Consett Steel works – until it was pointed out to him that it had closed 12 years earlier. In Parliament he was asked what success there was to report in Consett and he mentioned a nappy factory. In fact that had also closed down.

Clarke may be a bit of a buffoon – but he is the most dangerous buffoon ever to obtain senior office in our country. His chief role is not to see a Conservative Government elected to but to ensure that they are NOT elected! Read more about him in these articles on the UKConservatism website (The Campaign for UK Consevatism was set up in 1994 to oppose everything that Clarke Heseltine, Major stood for and for which they produced the worst election defeat for the Tory Party since 1906)!

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