Write to your MP

The more observant amongst you will have noticed, on the top right, an “envelope” where you can put in your postcode. When you click you will be taken to a page that lists the people you may send a fax to – in direct relation to the postcode you entered.

The first column shows the three councillors for your area. There is also a column for your Assembly Members if you live in an area with an assembly. Here you have a list of all members and you can send a fax to one particular one, or a fax to all of them in one go.

There is your Member of Parliament, and another list of all the Members of the European Parliament for your area to write to.

Finally there is a link to another page. Here you can enter a topic and find a Lord interested in that topic. Or find a Lord with some association with a particular place. Or even a Lord who shares a birthday with you. Or just pick one randomly.

Here is a fax I sent to Rudi Vis, my own Member of Parliament.

Dear Mr Vis,

As your employer – and I am your employer – your salary and lavish expenses are paid for from my money. I demand that you publish your expenses in full!

There is a precedent for this. Douglas Carswell has promised to do so. Not quite sure who he is but I have been assured he is a Member of Parliament.

This is not negotiable

Andrew Taylor
Tax Payer and Employer of Members of Parliament.

I have since found out that Douglas Carswell is a Conservative MP for Harwich. I hope many more will follow his example.

Do you think I have been too blunt with my letter? Look at it from my point of view….

You are an employer working your arse off to pay your employees. Then they get together and collectively tell you to get stuffed if you expect them to itemise all their expenses and that you must just accept a blanket amount and if you don’t pay them, they will rob your house (send in the bailiffs) of your assets and sell them to get the money”

Doesn’t that put a different perspective on the situation?


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