Google Documents

I have just started on a project with a colleague on a new website and we are using Google Documents for our collaboration. To enable us to follow and keep track, we each use a colour for our font to type in suggestions and comments and when something has been decided upon, we change the colour to black.

Later on we will bring in the spreadsheet to keep a list of further collaborators and the work each has agreed to do. Then when the website is up and running we will use the presentation manager to prepare a presentation which we will open for all to see, and make PDFs and Powerpoint files (automatically) for emailing to others.

When producing any document, you may make it private, or for all to see. If you make it private you have the following options:

  • Only you can see the file
  • Shared with named persons

When sharing with named persons, you can decide whether to let them alter the file, or to make the file “read only. When you decide to share, you add their email address and you have a chance to write a message and an email is sent with a link for the invitee to log on and see the file. Easy Peasy.

This blog has, in fact, been written in Google Documents – and the website allows you to automatically post to your blog site.


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