What does Cloud Computing really mean?

Something I have never been quite sure of, and as Cloud Computing will become more widely spread over the next decade, I thought I would investigate.

The best article has only just appeared on Zdnet and explodes five myths about Cloud Computing. I have copied the beginning here, and you can click on the link below to read the entire article which you may find of interest.

Five cloud computing myths exploded
By Cath Everett ZDNet.co.uk
Posted on ZDNet News: Feb 02, 2009 5:50:03 AM

Cloud computing is one of the most overhyped phenomena to have hit the IT industry in a long time. It is a business model that definitely has its advantages. The trouble is vendors of all sizes and stripes are so desperate for a piece of the cloud action, they are willing to blur distinctions and fudge definitions for their own ends.

Their headlong pursuit has saddled cloud computing with so many misconceptions that it is sometimes difficult for customers to make informed business choices. ZDNet UK has looked at the most common myths, and debunks five of them here. {Read more}


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