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The sledge accident

First of all, look forward to a ban on tobogganing in all council parks. It will come I am sure of it.

But this is not what this blog is all about as we are all only too aware of the busy-bodies who try to ruin everyone’s well-being and fun.

I was listening to a young girl who was a friend of the girl who died, and she says she pulled out of going as she was probably too frightened. This led me to thinking about the upper classes seeming to have a death wish back in the days of Empire. When growing up these children would play dangerous games that often got them killed and the strongest survived. This is OK if everyone in a peer group joins in with the rest of them. The strongest and luckiest would survive.

But in the case of our tobogganers, the brave girl died and the timid girl survived. It makes me wonder if the human race may be full of timid ones and the bravest don’t survive.

Britain had already lost the cream of its youth in the First World War where millions died in the trenches. Then there was the Second World War which, although not as deadly as the First World War in numbers killed, did take more of our cream.

Nowadays the Army find recruitment more difficult but there are some brave people around and they get shipped off to Afghanistan to be killed by our politicians who wont spend money for the right type of safety equipment and clothing. I am sure you have heard of soldiers buying their own boots as the army issue ones are crap!

It’s no wonder we are in the mess we are in.


PS Just learned a council has banned children in snow filled parks.

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