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What a lot of fuss about nothing. It seems Carol did not call anyone a golliwog. All she said in private, was that a tennis players hair reminded her of a golliwog. Hello! I can’t see anything racist about that? Can you?

Those of you who read Eric Arthur Blair’s book 1984 (written under his pen name – George Orwell) will remember it was a lot about “thought police”. Well folks, he didn’t get it wrong… just a little early. The thought police are based in the BBC but are spreading quickly.

And there is a new law coming out on the 16th February which gives a maximum of ten years imprisonment for photographing an English policeman (amongst other things). I suppose that means they can beat up members of the public with impunity. Come to think of it, if a policeman walks up to a person and pushes a knife in his stomach and rips it open, and you photograph him in the act, watch out – it’s ten years inside for you! Tourists who want to photograph a London Bobby, beware. You do so at your peril.

Too young to know what a golliwog is? Here’s the UK website!



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