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A One-Eyed Scottish Idiot?

… or, would I vote for Clarkson?

For those overseas who have not heard of Jeremy Clarkson, and there cannot be many as his programme “Top Gear” is syndicated throughout the world, You may have heard of the furore in the media today because of his comments about our present Prime Minister, calling him “a One-Eyed Scottish Idiot”. This has upset a lot of the “Righteous” in this country but Gordon Brown has only one working eye. Gordon Brown is Scottish. And, Gordon Brown is an idiot. I cannot see what the fuss is all about.

I will explain why I would vote for him.

But before, I will tell you that there is a group, on Facebook, entitled “Jeremy Clarkson should be Prime Minister” which has 451,647 members at the time of writing this!

Now, dear reader, what do you think is the most important attribute of a Prime Minister? A Prime Minister does not have to really know anything about running a country. He does, however, have to know how to choose the right person for the job and be able to persuade that person to join his team. He has to be able to get on with the team, and he needs to be able to take a majority of the country with him.

Jeremy Clarkson works well with his team. He comes over as a little domineering but Richard and James not only have stuck with him over the years, but they genuinely seem to like him. He calls a spade a spade and does not tolerate the “Righteous”, or their Political Correctness, and their ‘Ealth ‘n’ Safety rubbish.

I am not saying whether he would be great, or even good as a prime minister but if you take a few minutes out to examine the merits of the 646 MPs now sitting I think you will agree that, although Jeremy would not make an ideal choice, he would be better than any one of the others.

This really shows what a sorry state we have come to in Britain – when setting up Clarkson against every one of our MPs, he seems to come out better than any!

It is no wonder that so many English people are emigrating to other countries. I would go as well, if I could afford to.


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