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Now here’s a fascinating subject. People love it or hate it, but first a potted history.

Astrology has been around, on earth, for about 10,000 years. In the days of Alexander the Great, Ptolemy wrote a book on the subject (I have read this but 90% of each page consisted of footnotes so I never really got to grips with it). Several astrologers of renown existed in the middle ages and the fact that it has been around for so long indicates that there must be some elements of truth in the subject. This is very potted but a full history can be found in Wikipedia!

I first got involved when I acquired a TI 59 programmable calculator and the attachable printer (PC100C). The calculator had 1,000 program steps and 100 memories and tiny magnetic cards could be used to save your programmes. A friend suggested I wrote an astrology program after I complained I didn’t really know what to do with it. I laughed, Astrology, no way! He explained that drawing an astrological chart was astronomy and the astrological part only came into being when people tried to interpret the chart. OK I said and set to work. In the end, using twelve magnetic cards, I had built a program to work out the planetary positions, with the help of an American nautical ephemeris. “What do I do now?” I asked.

He suggested I came to a meeting and learned to interpret the chart. “No way!” I retorted. “Astrology is not for me!”. When he explained that, in Astrology meetings, there was a ratio of seven girls to one bloke, I was immediately hooked and came along that every evening.

That was how I became involved in this very fascinating subject. After drawing up my chart, the first thing I learned was that I was a Leo and not a Cancerian. It seems that the uninformed go by their sun sign but that is the secondary sign amongst those in the know. It seems that a sun sign is easy to work out, but that divides the world into only twelve groups. The Ascendant is the most important sign, but as there is a new Ascendant every two hours this is too difficult for most to work out. My Ascendant is Leo so, astrologically speaking, I would be known as “A Leo with sun in Cancer”. This then divides the world into 144 groups. A little more accurate than the original twelve.

The third sign that is important in one’s make-up is the moon. This now divides the world into 1,728 groups. Then we have the Moon’s node, the Mid-heaven, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Taking the position of each of these factors now divides the world into 8,916,100,448,256 groups (nearly nine trillion and there are only six billion people in the world).

Then we have the house systems which multiplies the above by another 12, and all the specific angles between the planetary bodies which could then give many dozens of extra amounts to multiply our base 12 by. So the short answer is NO, astrology does not divide the world into twelve groups of people. Only people unaware of the subject do that.

It is my own believe that the main problem with astrology is astrologers or, to put it in a kinder way, I just don’t think the human race is ready for the accurate knowledge that astrology may one day put at our fingertips. Mind you, when I was younger and went to parties, I always had all the woman surrounding me asking me to guess (usually very accurately) what they were like. Alas my knowledge, much to Pam’s relief, has all but disappeared.

There is a group in America called Clairvision who have built a web charting service which is both accurate and free. But bear in mind that you need the place of birth data (town or village is usually enough), your date of birth, and your accurate time of birth. Bearing in mind the moon moving through up to three signs in a day, and the Ascendant moving through twelve signs in a day, the more accurate you can make this the better. Certainly try and get it within at least a quarter of an hour. Go on, build your chart here! Clairvision also run a free on-line astrology course. When downloading the interpretation of your chart, bear in mind that it requires skilful interpretation. However, it will give you an overall picture of yourself. Tip: The tighter the aspects the stronger the trait may be applied. Don’t worry, that will make sense when you start to read the interpretation.

Carl Gustav Jung allowed his counselling staff to use astrology. But only as a guide for asking questions. Nevertheless, a skilful councillor could ascertain as much about the client within an hour’s session as others not using astrology could ascertain in three sessions.

It has to be remembered that the astrological chart is a map of the heavens at the moment of birth only. During one’s upbringing, factors could change through the interaction with parents, siblings, friends, teachers, colleagues and employers. Not to mention one’s physical environment.

Changes can also come from within when one realises they have a trait which they are not entirely happy with. Think of your birth chart as a map, without which you could not find your way to your chosen destination. The chart shows you which traits you may want to change.


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